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PROTECHT Solar Motion LED Light - 1000 Lumen

PROTECHT Solar Motion LED Light - 1000 Lumen

PROTECHT Solar Motion LED Light - 1000 Lumen

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Premium Solar Light with Built-In Motion & Night Sensors


Solar Powered

No more hassling with electrical wiring or looking for a power source with our Self Operating Solar Powered Lights. Includes a long-lasting battery built-in, and charges quickly during the day automatically. 

…energy efficient and environment friendly

Upgraded Motion Sensor

Advanced long-distance sensor and wide-angle range turn your Solar Light into a stand-alone security device. The motion sensor has a range of 20-30 ft of visible distance, and helps keep intruder away while improving the overall security of your home! 

...protects your home and keeps your family safe

1000 Lumens German Osram LEDs

    Built with 20 powerful LEDs that generate Ultra-high Brightness and Natural Lightning. This technological breakthrough makes it energy-efficient and even brighter than traditional hardwired bulbs.

    ...bright and natural light


    Waterproof & Heat Resistant

      PROTECHT Solar Lights are made of heat-dissipation and waterproof materials to reduce internal temperature, rain protection - ensure a long lifespan. It is also backed with new ALS2.1 technology that supports 6~8 rainy days of lighting.

      ...built for longevity and highly durable 


      Small in Size, More in Features

      PROTECHT is very compact and includes Smart Features built-in — Which makes it the TOP CHOICE among Solar Lighting on the USA market. Auto Day/Night turn on/off with easy Installation. Adjustable angle with a 0-45 degree view coupled with high brightness are the key functions that make it the ONLY Solar Light for outdoor use!

      Use it on your Driveway, Front Yard, Back Yard, Garden, or any area around the house.

        Revolutionary Technology

        The latest components and design

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        Average time is 2-5 days 

        Eco Friendly Green Power

        Uses solar energy

        Satisfaction Guaranteed

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